TimeSheet 1.1.12

Track the time you spend on each project


  • Automatic association between applications and projects
  • Generates reports
  • Can export data to Excel


  • Desktop notifications can be distracting
  • Tricky to configure

Not bad

TimeSheet is a handy tool to automatically record the time you spend on different tasks.

As a time recording tool, TimeSheet will keep track of the exact amount of hours you spend on each task and each project. In that way, not only will you have more exact data when you need to create reports or generate invoices, but you won’t lose money again for those extra hours you work but are never included in the bill.

TimeSheet is based on a very simple principle: the program lets you associate each application you run with a specific project and calculates the time you spend using this app. The association between application and project is done automatically, with TimeSheet displaying a desktop alert every time you run an app for the first time. Once your work day is over, or when you’re done with your project, you can easily check the total amount of time you devoted to it in TimeSheet’s reports – and export the data to Excel.

The idea behind TimeSheet is good and the program works fine. On the downside, time tracking based on used applications is not that accurate and the program’s configuration can be a bit tricky.

TimeSheet is a simple time tracking tool that helps you calculate the time you spend on each project and task.

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